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CodeOxy Mission, Vision and Core Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to โ€œEnable and empower others to launch an online website or a mobile application and create a future they envisage.โ€ Our statement has the following components:

1. Enabling and empowering a person or organization

In the first component of our mission statement, our focus is to enable our clients to kick-start their online presence feat by providing a plethora of service possibilities and empower them to integrate their content seamlessly. For instance, you can exploit us to develop your personal profile website and feel empowered to showcase your talents and achievements to the wider world. There are limitless other opportunities where CodeOxy can provide services to our clients.

2. Launching online websites or mobile apps

Websites and mobile applications fuels the disruptive internet technology and in the current situation, almost anything is doable online simply by tapping its potential. CodeOxy facilitates this process for others and reinforces the impact of owning a website and is always prepared to develop and deliver any type of application to meet the clients needs.

3. Create an envisaged future

To satisfy the third element in this mission statement, CodeOxy attracts talented and tech-savvy personalities to take up lead roles. Moreover, we also nurture and give them opportunities to invent ideas to offer maximum options for our clients. While meeting this need, CodeOxy ensures that no matter how complex our client application requirements are, we make sure it is delivered spot-on and turn their dreams into a reality.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to โ€œEnsure every entity gets unprecedented access to tools and opportunities to conduct online business and make their presence felt.โ€ The two components that expound our vision:

  • Enable and empower everyone - prime emphasis of CodeOxy
  • Online business

Other than providing personal websites, blogs and mobile application services, CodeOxy offers interactive tools and services, which enables and empowers everyone to start an Ecommerce venture or conduct online business. The conducting online business opportunities by CodeOxy are precisely what everyone needs to make a living irrespective of where they are located and all it takes is a computer and internet access.

Core Values

CodeOxy core values include "simplify, collaborate, effortless experience, unparalleled quality, and learn something new everyday." Incorporating these values has enabled us to direct every staff towards the mission and vision of CodeOxy. These values aid us in the following ways.

CodeOxy is aware of the fact that not everyone is tech-savvy and even for tech-savvy entrepreneurs, installing, upgrading and most importantly, adding contents to a website are seldom quick or painless. Hence, CodeOxy collaborates across departments and makes sure to simplify steps by reducing or eliminating complexities for our clients. In addition, we provide an effortless experience to everyone using our services and products without any compromise on quality. This is achieved by periodically measuring our client satisfaction using a popular Customer Effort Score (CES) tool.